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Codabar Barcode Generator SDK in .NET WinForms

.NET WinForms Codabar Barcode Generation Tutorial
  • Actually be compatible with .NET 2.0 and later .NET versions
  • Mature .NET Codabar barcode libarary, 100% built in the managed Visual C#
  • Simple to create Codabar barcode images in .NET Windows Forms application
  • Generate high print quality Codabar barcode images using C# or VB .NET
  • Support Jpeg, Gif, Png, Bmp & Tiff barcode image formats
  • Offer user-defined image size settings, such as barcode width/height, bar module, resolution etc.
  • Offer perpetual developer license for commercial use with onetime fee
Overview of .NET Windows Forms Codabar Barcode
Codabar is also known as Codeabar, Ames Code, NW-7, Monarch, Code 2 of 7, Rationalized Codabar, ANSI/AIM BC3-1995 or USD-4.
It is self-checking and has no default check digit. This symbology supports 20 characters, including 12 basic symbols (0-9, dash and $) and additional 4 symbols (+ : / .). It starts and ends with character A, B, C or D.
Codabar is used by U.S. blood banks, photo labs and on FedEx airbills.
Create Codabar Barcode in C# or VB .NET WinForms
C# Codabar barcode generation in .NET WinForms application:
  1. Add reference (BarcodeLib.Barcode.WinForms.dll) to your .NET Windows Forms project.
  2. Start encoding according to the following C# example:
     BarcodeLib.Barcode.Linear codabar = new BarcodeLib.Barcode.Linear();
codabar.Type = BarcodeType.CODABAR;
codabar.Data = "123456789$/+";

codabar.CodabarStartChar = CodabarStartStopChar.A;
codabar.CodabarStopChar = CodabarStartStopChar.A;

codabar.UOM =UnitOfMeasure.INCH;

codabar.ImageFormat = System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Gif;

//Save Codabar barcode image into your system;
codabar.drawBarcode ("c:/codabar.gif");
For VB sample codes, please refer to How to create & draw Codabar barcode in VB.NET.
Generate Codabar Barcode in .NET WinForms with A Controller
  1. You need to create a Windows Forms project.
  2. You should add BarcodeLib.Barcode.WinForms.dll to your .NET Visual Studio Toolbox.
  3. Four items are added into the Toolbox. You just need to drag LinearWinForm to Form1.
  4. A sample barcode image is generated in Form1. In Properties window, you can alter settings to get the barcode image you want.
  5. You can view the created Codabar barcode image by debugging.
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